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Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. We have comprehensive dry eye expertise and the newest treatment technology to help you.

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Improve Your Comfort

Treatment can relieve the discomfort associated with dry eyes, such as burning, itching, and grittiness.

Have Better Vision

Proper tear production is important for clear vision, and treatment can help improve visual clarity by ensuring the eyes remain properly lubricated.

Prevent Eye Damage

Dry eyes can lead to corneal damage and other complications if left untreated. Treatment can help prevent this and maintain overall eye health.

Dry eye is a common condition in which the eyes do not produce good quality tears.

Irritable gritty feeling eyes, red eyes, watery eyes or vision that blurs quickly are very common symptoms.

There are many causes of dry eyes including poor tear production, impaired oily layer of tears, dietary deficiencies, allergies and other medical conditions.  Specialised investigations to identify these include meibography, tearfilm analysis and corneal topography. These can then help tailor a treatment plan which can improve both the speed and extent of recovery. Specialised treatments can include lipiflow, punctal plugs and microblepharoexfoliation. Some patients require specialist prescriptions for medicines not commonly prescribed.

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Protect the climate without compromising on quality or cost, with NZ’s only solar powered facility, carbon neutral certification and many eco-friendly features.

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Have your dry eye assessment and treatment using specilised technology providing a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan of your condition.


All operations can have extra costs involved, however The Eye Surgery Hastings charges these fees with no additional costs for over 95% of cases. Being a standalone surgical facility dedicated only to eye care allows us to innovate and work smarter, keeping prices controlled.

Cataract Surgery
or $7,742 for both eyes
No added facility fees or anaesthetic fees.
No additional costs for over 95% of cases.
Bilateral surgery - both eyes treated on the same day.
Solar powered and fully carbon neutral.
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