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The Eye Surgery Hastings is locally owned and operated, with no overseas interests, out-of-area owners, and no conflicts of interest.

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The Eye Surgery Hastings was established in 2018 by the husband and wife team of Drs Alex and Sophie Buller.  It is a purpose designed facility with an outpatient clinic, treatment rooms and an operating theatre all dedicated to eye care. It is a fully locally owned business and operated by a specialised team of doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff, all of whom are aligned to providing friendly, modern, high quality patient-centred care to the Hawke’s Bay community.

Dr. Alex Buller gained his medical degree from the University of Sheffield UK and completed his general ophthalmological training at one of Europe’s largest eye hospitals in Manchester UK. He undertook further subspecialist training in the medical and surgical care of glaucoma at the same centre.  Since opening The Eye Surgery Hastings he has developed and published new surgical techniques in glaucoma and cataract surgery that have improved surgeries for patients worldwide.

Dr. Sophie Buller has an Honours Degree in Neuroscience and a Medical Degree with Distinction from the University of Sheffield UK, and a Masters Degree in Primary Care Ophthalmology with Distinction from the University of Edinburgh, UK.  Since 2018 she has run a clinic specialising in the tricky science of dry eyes.

Specialised Surgery For Eye Care

Unlike The Eye Surgery Hastings, many outpatient centers and hospitals have generalised operating suites and clinics. However, the building and all the equipment in The Eye Surgery Hastings clinic and operating theatre are designed for eye care right down to the bed you lie on. This ensures a standard of care and comfort that is hard to match by a standard medical facility.

Safe And Convenient Building

Easy Access To Parking And Building

If you have mobility problems, The Eye Surgery Hastings is as good as it gets. The whole building is on one level, using non-slip flooring with seamless joints and extra wide doors. There are over 45 wide car park spaces and a large covered pick-up and drop-off area.

The Whole Facility Is Externally Audited

Be safe. The protection and safety of people in The Eye Surgery Hastings is externally audited to New Zealand Day-Stay Surgical facility standards.  This includes the outpatient clinic, treatment rooms, and operating theatre, so no matter where you are in the facility, your safety has been independently certified. All our staff are fully vaccinated, and we disinfect each room between patients.

Spacious and Comfortable Waiting Room

With natural lighting, practical chairs, ample space, and free wifi, this is a comfortable place to spend time.

Carbon-filtered and UV-TREATED Water

Enjoy clean, safe, better-tasting water. All water coming into the building is carbon filtered and UV-treated.

Internationally Recognised

The Eye Surgery Hastings has been named the 2023 Health Care Climate Champion for the Pacific Region by Global Green and Healthy Hospitals. This distinction is awarded to acknowledge the steadfast commitment and remarkable achievements in climate action by hospitals and health systems worldwide. Learn more about our green commitment

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Fully Carbon Neutral

We are certified Carbon Positive which means we make every effort to reduce our environmental impact and actively reduce our carbon footprint in all areas, including building materials, supply chains, energy usage, waste, chemical usage, pharmaceuticals, and food. 125% of our carbon footprint is then offset by planting New Zealand Native trees in New Zealand Parkland.

Solar-Powered Building

A 45kW solar farm on our roof provides 150% of the electricity requirements of The Eye Surgery Hastings. This makes The Eye Surgery Hastings operating theatre solar powered, which is a first for New Zealand.  It also means that all of the activities including investigations, imaging, laser treatments, drug storage, heating, lighting, cleaning and laundry are all solar powered and excess is exported to the grid for local community use.

Disaster Ready

The Eye Surgery Hastings is earthquake-enhanced to more than 100% of the New Zealand building code. Plus, the whole operating theatre suite runs from an ample uninterrupted power supply with enough power to keep operating, even in the event of a power cut when Hastings' power grid switches off. Because the electricity supply is uninterrupted and battery-powered, this means increased safety as there is zero interruption to the operating theatre power supply in the event of a power cut.

Non-toxic sterilisation fluid produced on site

We produce our own non-toxic, non-allergenic cleaning fluid on-site. This means there are no volatile organic compounds in the clinic air, no harmful chemicals are released into the environment, no single-use plastic wipes are used, there is no environmental impact of transportation, and we can keep producing this without fear of a breakdown in global supply chains.

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